Chasing the Lost Time


The video “Chasing the Lost Time” handles the subject of the circles of authority between the local and the global. The artist made the video “ Which One?”, exhibited at Videoist 2003, with a photo from her family’s photograph album and now, in the video “Chasing the Lost Time” , edited with another photo from her family’s photograph album, She questions “zeitgeist” ( the soul of time ) , the authority and the unclear (blurred ) environment that provides it to exist by the method of introspection.

The images used by the artist are the unbounded thoughts that are produced by the perceptions supporting the holistic and interdisciplinary approach.

Hülya Özdemir, one of the curator of Videoist an independent, non-profit and Ä°stanbuloriented video art initiative , graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Marmara University. She has taken part in many collective exhibitions since 1996. She took place her first personalexhibition around the concept of “Social Backbone” in Giessen, Germany. She lives and works in Ä°stanbul.