Wim Starkenburrg


My search focuses on what to archeologist and anthropologist, is a clear sign of an organized society : THE ARCHITECTURAL SPACE

The wish to create a defined space for every specific purpose, is only human. This is a universal need. In my view space has an abstract quality. I experience the act of defining space as a sculpture.

While the architect is bound by the wishes of his principals, rules and regulations, budgets and the functional use of space, I am completely free to translate my own experience of space into shape and form. The spaces I create are not made with a specific purpose in mind. Their aim is to conjure up a special and new experience that may trigger associations.


I am profoundly interested in the problems and restrictions adhering to architecture. Using various techniques , such as drawings, mural paintings and photographs I manipulate the architectonic space. The definition of a given space is thereby changed. The basis for this phenomenom is taken from the manner in which people create their own space, this often being an expression of their innermost thoughts and feelings.

The fundamental bases for my work is the relationship and interaction between our own environment and physical and mental space. I manipulate archtiecture in such a manner that a new experience of space is created.

I am fascinated by spaces such as basements, tunnels, bunkers, subterranean spaces, workhalls in factories and the empty , unused spaces in buildings. I build comparable spaces that only exist in my imagination. I manipulate light and shadow to onjure up a defining athmosphere. The spaces I make have a definite architectural character and are quite realistic.

I make photographs of the interieur. These photo’s are often presented in an enormous mural arrangement thus causing an interaction between the real and the fictional space.