Ferhat Kamil Satici

“new colossus” is a project by Ferhat Kamil Satici who has participated many international group  exhibitions and symposiums in his country, has been writing a doctorate thesis  based on “grafiti” and one of the organizers of video festival so-called videoist which will be realized in second time , in Istanbul in novenber 2007.

            First step of the project so-called “graffiti with gravity” will be realized in Germany,Herford in KÄ°OSK 24, between 28 July and 24  August 2007 by Ferhat Kamil Satici. This exhibition is presented by kurator and artist Susanne Albrecht.

            Ä°t can be said for “new colossus”which is personal  archeology that transforms documents to monuments.

“graffiti with gravity”

             Since art and artist searchs the key of temporary things, graffiti , creative language of street , becomes the focus point of  contemporary art . However installing graffiti to the wall of art space means that  it is disconnected with the context of street .Graffity is a sign that makes connection with the person who walk on the street  and has a reality based on direct connection  with this person. This reality can be documented through photography,yet,This photographes of graffiti as a document don’t differentiate from the photograpy of landscape and/or still life.

              Ä°f graffiti is thought as a three dimentional form, to design it with the permanent and traditional material transforms this modern city action to a permanent document or/and monument. This transformations of graffiti solves the problem of the installation of graffiti to the artspace. But This is not a graffiti anymore. Well, Ä°s this a Graffiti Sculpture? Ä°f The significant relationship between the graffiti and city wall and/or  surface is recognized, the work of arts of  new colossus can be named as the “ graffiti with gravity”. This is the war between the spray color, volatile and flying, and traditional material, weightness and permanent, such as the style wars on the street.